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WVMS SBDM Special Meeting
Walton-Verona Middle School SBDM Council has scheduled a Special Meeting for the purpose of obtaining public input for our School Improvement Plan.  The meeting will occur on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 3:00 pm in the WVMS Library/Media Center.  A draft copy of the SIP and a link to provide feedback is included on the website. Meeting agenda link.
WVMS CSIP Feedback
WVMS is looking for parent/community input for our School Improvement Plan.  Feedback is needed by noon on Monday, December 7th.  You can find the draft SIP here and can provide feedback using the survey link below.  Thanks for your input.
KCTE 2015 MS Writing Contest Winners: Argument
1st place  "The Perfect Appearance: A Vicious State of Mind"
Student:  Emma R

2nd place “”Bzz Bzz Incoming Cell Phones Should be Allowed in Classrooms”
 Student: Chase B

3rd place “”Global Misunderstanding”
 Student: Joey B
KCTE 2015 MS Writing Contest Winners: Poetry
1st Place  “Angels”
 Student: Frannie H

2nd Place “The Untold Story”
 Student:  Bianca J
KCTE 2015 MS Writing Contest Winners: Informational
1st Place “We are Falling into a World of Destruction: How Bullying Affects Everyone”
 Student: Emma R

2nd Place “Cyberbullying Can Be Stopped”
 Student: Grant G

3rd Place “This Changes Everything”
 Student: Abigail D
KCTE 2015 MS Writing Contest Winners: Narrative
1st Place “Achieving an Important Goal”
 Student: Morgan R

2nd Place “The House of Love”
 Student: Frannie H

3rd Place “Trust and Goals Intertwined
 Student: Victoria W
Online Payments for School Lunches/Breakfast

The Payments tool provides Portal users with the ability to deposit food service money online using a major credit card, checking or savings account.

The Payment tool requires an Infinite Campus Portal account. If you do not have a portal account please contact your child’s school(s) or send the following information to

Parent Legal Name
Student Names
Household Phone Number
Valid email address

You only need one portal account. Separate portal accounts are not needed for more than one child. You must be listed as a legal guardian to get access to Portal. Contact the Walton-Verona Food Service Director with issue about payments made to the school at 859-485-1842
Portal Payment Tool Instructions

WVMS Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Finalist
Walton-Verona Middle School announced today that it has become a Kentucky state finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest, a nationwide competition to increase interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by challenging teachers and students to take topics out of traditional classroom settings and into local communities. The school will receive two Samsung Galaxy Tabs and the opportunity to win additional prizes. Official press release can be found here.
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