The Finance Information page contains information relating to our Financial Reports as well as any Surplus information (when available). Brief descriptions and more information about the types of items available in the folders at the bottom of the page.
  • Annual Reports: within this folder you will find subfolders containing reports for the current (when applicable) and three prior fiscal years for our:
    • Annual Financial Reports (AFR)
    • Audit Reports / Audited Financial Statements
    • Tax Rates Levied Forms
    • Working Budget Reports
  • Monthly Financial Reports: within this folder you will find Monthly Financial Reports (MFR) for the current year and three prior fiscal years.
  • Surplus Information: within this folder you will find documents for any active surplus items that are up for bid. If the folder is empty this indicates that there are currently no items available for surplus.
Director of Finance/Treasurer
Kevin Ryan
[email protected]

Munis Analyst
Danielle Rymer
[email protected]
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